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Why is my device not detected?

USB connection issues can have many origins. Generally speaking, the issue is the same in iTunes and affects iFreeUp.

If an Apple Mobile Device fails to show up in iFreeUp, it might well be an issue with the Device on the computer itself. You can make sure this is an Apple Mobile Device Service issue if you open iTunes and see that the device does not show up in there either.

  • 1. Disconnect your iDevice and reconnect it to try again.
  • 2. Check if iTunes can recognize your iDevice.
  • 3. If there is a pass code, you need to unlock it first.
  • 4. If it still doesn't work, reboot both the computer and device.
  • 5. If nothing of this works, launch iTunes and go in its Menu Help and click "Check for Updates". Try to launch iFreeUp again.
Why were not the Privacy and Deleted Files cleaned up?

In order to clean Privacy and Deleted Files, please make sure to turn on the Backup and Restore function on your iOS device. If the function: "Find My iPhone" is turned on, the files cannot be cleaned up. Please refer to the Help to turn off "Find My iPhone" first.

Why did I get the error pop-up window during the scanning or cleaning of Safe Clean?

The reason for the Error code:

  • -35: The device is still locked after reboot
  • -10: Device not connected properly
  • -36: No enough space available for backup
  • -37: “Find My iPhone” is turned on
  • -38: Backup failed when setup is unfinished
Why can't I Import/Delete apps?

In order to import/delete the Apps on your iPhone, you should turn off the restrictions settings on your iPhone. Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings and locate General

2. Tap Restrictions

3. Turn off Deleting Apps

If it still doesn’t work, please contact Online Support for help.

How do I register my iFreeUp?
Please click here to view the detailed instructions to register iFreeUp.